‘Cairo’ the Stowaway Kitten

After much hush-hush and preparation, we are pleased to announce that we, Lina’s Cat Rescue, have taken into our care a very special little girl.


‘Cairo’ the ‘Stowaway Kitten’ was found hiding when a box of fruit from Egypt was opened on arrival at Birmingham airport. This beautiful girl had survived the freezing temperatures and 3000 mile journey to make it to the UK, and was unsurprisingly extremely afraid on arrival. Staff at Birmingham Airport contacted the authorities and she was placed in quarantine under ‘rabies watch’.

After around 10 days, we were contacted to see whether we would foot the bill for the rest of her 4 month stay in quarantine. Our founder and chairperson, Sheryl Leonardi, said

“We have a strict “No Kill” policy for healthy cats and when contacted by Solihull Council we were happy to take on the responsibility for all her costs.”

Luckily for us, once we contacted Emirates and explained what had happened, they were happy to pay the rest of her quarantine costs. Despite this, she will still have many of the usual costs when she makes it into rescue as she will still need to be neutered and have her usual vet checks and routine treatment before becoming available for adoption.

“We are so grateful to Emirates for offering to fund her quarantine period which means this money can now be spent on other needy cats in our care. As a small group of volunteers totally funded from donations and fundraising events, their generosity is extremely welcome. If anyone wishes to donate to her ongoing care, please email us for details of Cairo’s account at linascatrescue@gmail.com. Any funds in excess of those required for Cairo will be used to fund other cats in our care.”

Cairo has another 3 months or so in quarantine before she can be released into our care, but we do go to visit her and are pleased to announce she’s settling in very well. Please join our Facebook page for regular updates on her progress.

Cairo the stowaway kitten loves to play with her toy mouse

Cairo the stowaway kitten loves to play with her toy mouse

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