Cairos capers!



FB_IMG_1471877799671One year ago, on August 27th 2015 the staff at Birmingham Airport got a little more in the cargo than what was expected, inside was the little kitten that became known as Cairo, she had survived in the hold of a plane on a flight from Cairo via Dubai. She was immediately fed and watered and transferred into quarantine to be observed for rabies and other infectious diseases. After 14 days however her future would be uncertain unless a rescue could offer her a space and fund the remaining 3 1/2 months in quarantine.


Rescues were contacted and Linas cat rescue offered her a space, they were also able to secure the quarantine costs from Emirates airlines. Volunteers from the rescue visited her whilst in kennels and finally the date came when she could be released to go to her foster carer.

Cairo had had a couple of health concerns and investigations whilst in quarantine, noticeably limping and x rays were taken which revealed some damage around the joints and once she was in foster care more investigations and specialist advice was sought. In the meantime Cairo started to settle into her home and wriggle her way into her foster carers heart. Eventually it was decided that the damage had not got any worse, that her muscles needed strengthening but that she may at some point in the future need surgery to fuse her joint. So began an exercise regime which mainly seemed to involve running up and down the stairs chasing balls and playing fetch with toy mice – no real hardship for a kitten! Best of all her foster carer decided to adopt her!




Cairo started to go outside first of all on a harness (which she wasn’t keen on) and then freely with her “mum” watching closely. She now enjoys going outside, playing with leaves and the other cats she lives with.






She has turned into a delightful young cat who will not only steal your heart but your tissues, bread and ham. She will always have a limp, she may need treatment in the future but she is one very lucky, loved and spoilt lady.

2016-08-26 20.11.23





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