Listed here are popular questions and enquiries that we regularly recieve. If you need more clarification or your question does not feature on this page please Contact us

Getting your cat onto our programme

I need to re-home my pet within the next week – can you help?
It is unlikely we would be able to offer a space to your cat within days. If the cat is especially vulnerable or we have concerns over his/her welfare we do try our absolute best to take them in as fast as we can but as a general rule if the cat has shelter, regular meals and fresh water then you would be put on the waiting list along with everyone else.

How long will my cat be on the waiting list?
It is not possible to give an accurate answer as our waiting list does not work on a first come, first served basis. For example, it would be impossible to place a cat described as unfriendly with other animals in a foster home with many other pets. It is a matter of waiting until a foster home opens up that is suitable for your cat.

Is there anything I can do to improve my waiting time?
Getting the cat neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped so that we do not have routine funding to consider when offering a space is likely to improve your chances.

I’ve found a cat I think needs help- what do I do?
If you don’t think the cat has an owner, please Contact us. Give us as much information about the cat- where it has been found, what it looks like, whether it is friendly etc, and we will do our best to get it into care.
Please note that if you are concerned about a cat that has an owner we cannot help unless the owner themselves us. We have no power to take cats away from owners, so you should call the RSPCA.


Adopting from us

I want to come and visit you, where are you based?
We do not have a single ‘base’ but instead work out of a selection of foster homes in the Derby-Nottingham-Chesterfield area. You’ll need to decide which cat you want to visit, and we’ll pass over the foster carer’s details.

I’ve seen a cat I want to adopt on your site- what do I do next?
Contact us and let us know which cat you want to adopt and whether you have any other pets. We will contact you to arrange for you to visit the cat in his or her foster home. Then if you’re happy to go ahead we need to do a quick home check- nothing intrusive- to make sure we think it a suitable environment for one of our cats. Then, if all is in order, you sign a form and pick up your new cat.

I have other cats, can I still adopt a cat?
Of course you can! Some of our cats aren’t able to live with other cats, but most are fine. First, you need to decide whether your cat is going to mind an intruder. If you think they’ll be fine, look at our cats to find one that will be OK with your current pet. Once you’ve decided, Contact us and we’ll sort out the rest. We’ll even give you advice on introducing your new pet slowly so as to avoid problems.

I have a dog, can I still adopt a cat?
Yes! Most of our cats haven’t been assessed with dogs, but if the cat is otherwise confident and calm, we’re happy to give them a chance. First, find one that you like using our ‘Adopt a Cat‘ page. Then, once you’ve chosen one, contact us. We’ll liase with you to arrange the rest. If a cat hasn’t been assessed to be OK with dogs, we’ll introduce a short ‘cool off’ period, whereby you can return the cat and get your deposit back if the cat isn’t comfortable with the dog.

What happens during the adoption home check?
The home check involves a quick tour of the house (and garden if applicable), and a few questions to answer. These are about how you intend to care for the cat, whether you’ve had cats in the past, etc. There are no right or wrong answers, we just want to see that you’re a responsible owner.

What are the main reasons for failing the home check?
Lina’s has very high standards, and we fail home checks for many reasons. The main reason is that people live too near busy roads and want their cat to have outdoor access. This is dangerous for the cat and is likely to result in suffering or death. If you live on a busy road, please consider adopting an indoor-only cat.

Fostering With Us

I want to become a fosterer, what do I do?
Contact us to get in touch. We’ll arrange for one of our team to come and visit you in your home. They will discuss with you a few things, and help you to fill out a form. If all is OK on the form we’ll send you a contract. Once you’ve signed, we’ll find you a foster cat. Somebody will either get in touch with you directly about a particular cat on our waiting list, or if there is an emergency it will be posted on the facebook group- just let us know that you can help out by commenting on the post!

I’m thinking of fostering, but I have a holiday coming up- is this OK?
Sure! We take care of all our fosterers to make sure they’re happy. Just let us know when the holiday is and we can find somebody to cover for you.

I’d like to foster, but I have to work all day… is this ok?
Yes, lots of our fosterers work. We’ll just make sure we place a cat with you that won’t mind being left alone- for instance we won’t give you a heavily pregnant stray or a young kitten! Older cats fit very well into working situations and are often happy to sleep all day whilst you’re out!

I want to foster but I have further questions… who can I talk to?
Go to our facebook page post your questions on there. All of our fosterers and admins have access to the page and will be more than willing to answer any of your questions!

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