Rainbow bridge






Stan came into rescue as a stray who’d been looked after by some Linas supporters. Unfortunately he was only in foster a short time when he passed away when anaethatised ready for his neutering operation. This came as a huge shock to everyone especially his foster family who loved him very much. RIP Stan










Logan was in Long term foster care at Linas.  He was originally taken by his owner to be pts as they were emigrating. A few months later and Logan was very ill, it was discovered he had a hole in his heart and was only expected to survive six months. He actually went on to live 3 further years and yes he had some scares along the way but was a happy and much loved boy. Logan was suddenly taken ill and it was discovered he had kidney failure and the kindest thing would be to euthanase him. RIP Logan, our miracle cat





Sofie was Linas golden oldie in rescue. She had a lovely gentle nature but was often overlooked due to her age. Unfortunately just as she had been reserved she had a rapid decline in health which affected her quality of life. On vet recommendation the sad decision was made to euthanase her. It was the kindest thing to do for her. She spent the last few days being spoilt by her foster family who will miss her greatly. RIP Sofie.





Gerry was a Linas foster cat who came into rescue as a frightened injured un neutered stray cat from Nottingham. He tested positive for FIV but as he was not feral it was decided to give him chance to live as an indoor domesticated cat. He responded well to love and treatment becoming quite a snuggle. Unfortunately after a dental at the vets his heart began to race then stopped, CPR was carried out but was unsuccessful. It seems so unfair that this has happened just as life was great. His story has touched many people and you will be missed. RIP Gerry, run free at the rainbow bridge.







Jolene was a Linas foster cat who became unwell and was taken to the vets for a checkup. Unfortunately she was found to have a hard lump in her jaw and diagnosed with cancer. The sad decision was made to euthanase her as it was felt it was the kindest thing that could be done for her. Jolene was very much loved by her foster family and was a happy, friendly older lady who loved to snooze the day away and eat treats. RIP Jolene, you will be missed.








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