Success stories

If you have adopted a cat or kitten from us we would love to hear how they are getting on! As all cats are in foster in our family home it is much easier to become attached and our volunteers really care about them. Any success stories please contact us

Milly (was Meg)

Milly was adopted in 2015, her owners have sent the following update and poem!



















Silver was found straying in Derby by a member of public who very kindly cared for him until a space was found. On arrival in rescue he didn’t know how to play and wasn’t too keen on home comforts – apart from being near to he radiator! He did enjoy a head bump and fuss. It appeared he had some pedigree in him – British short hair. He was quickly seen on the webpage and has gone to live with a couple who affectionately call him Silver Mercedes – after all he is a posh cat! He now enjoys all the home comforts he can get and is very much part of the family.






This is a collage of photos from his adopters, loving the life he now has.








Stevie Nicks (now Copper)

2016-09-03 00.15.28


In the autumn of 2015, a small 10 week old kitten was rescued from a colony at a waste recycling plant at Colwick, Nottingham. She was found to have a severe crush infected injury to her leg which meant it had to be amputated. She was called Stevie Nicks after her rescuer Steve who had spent 1 1/2 hours trying to catch her despite her injury and being rewarded by being bitten! She is now enjoying an indoor life with 2 dogs and 2 cats and is very much loved by her adopters. She is now 1 and a stunning young lady



Pumpkin – adopted July 2014

Pumpkin 2Pumpkin 1






“I just thought I’d drop you a line to let you now how well Pumpkin
has settled in with us. We adopted her at the end of July and she didn’t take long to overcome her shyness!! We have learnt what all of her funny ‘meows’ are for, the most commonly heard one is the ‘I want fussing please’ closely followed by ‘I want feeding’!! She gets on very well with our dog and stands her ground despite being so small. She is enjoying having her own ‘kitten’ time now after having her litter so young. We’re so pleased to have Pumpkin as an addition to our house :-)”

Poppi – adopted November 2013

IMAG0540 IMAG0562






“We adopted Poppi back in November 2013 and wanted to let you know how well she is doing. She has settled in well and keeps us amused with her funny little ways, she loves running around in the garden and then coming in for a well earned snooze. We got her a toy mouse for Christmas – the wrapping paper lasted all of 2 seconds we though you would like these pictures.”

Miia – adopted January 2014









“Hi just thaught I’d send some pictures of Mia after only one day she wasn’t shy or scared anymore she has come right out of her shell and deffinatly knows who her mummy is and get house 🙂 many thanks again Mia couldn’t be happier and we love her very much x”

Speckle and Mini (now Tommy and Tilly) – adopted December 2013

“Both settled in really well! Like we’ve always had them! Love em to bits… Thankyou for allowing us to re home”







Nancy (now Pepper) – adopted December 2013



“Got up this morning went to have a cup of tea and found pepper aka nancy waiting for me! She was at my feet and purring so loud for a little baby! Such a little beauty!!!! She will be well looked after and we can tell you have done a fab job! She’s so friendly and loving!!”








Pepper – adopted February 2013


“Hi there, here is the update on pepper, she’s having some chopped pork with Clyde. She is such a dinky little thing but I love her loads, her and Clyde make a lovely pair and when they are out Clyde is always there to scare off other cats lol”








Soraya – adopted July 2013

“Soraya. She’s been with us 6 months now and has decided to grace us with her presence in the living room. It’s about time baby girl. We’ve been waiting for this.”









Rufus – adopted October 2013





“A few pics as promised, I think he is probably enjoying himself although he does look a bit laid back and relaxed in some of these. He is very lively and never stops eating – typical male.”

Oscar – adopted March 2013

“For anyone out there thinking about adopting a rescue cat, do it, it’s so worthwhile. The love and affection they give you is fantastic. Thank you Lina’s Cat Rescue for all the hard work that you do. I’ve had Oscar for 8 months now and it feels like he’s always been with us :)”








Angel (now Katarina) – adopted November 2013

“Angel… Katarina….is settling really well, she is so lively and inquisitive yet so laid back and calm! Picture for you below, Katarina seems happy and relaxed when we are nearby…more pics to follow…”





Tabitha – adopted November 2013

“She has settled in really well, we feel like we have had her for years not days! As soon as we got her home, she was walking around, scenting and pausing to give us a fuss! She had an escape attempt on Saturday, we had opened a small window and she managed to jump out into the garden! It was at this point we realised maybe she would like to go outside. We have been letting her out over the weekend which she seems to like, but she doesn’t stay out too long, (maybe it’s too cold?!)”





Tonto (now Barney) – adopted October 2013

“I just thought you might like to see how Barney is settling in to his new home with his new sister Molly, Barney had been looking after Molly while she had her collar on, he made sure her face and neck was clean by doing it for her!”



Bolt and Jasper – adopted October 2013

“Hi, I wanted to let you know that Bolt and Jasper are settling in well and we are loving having them with us. Bolt is a naughty little thing but very cute. Jasper is still very shy but gets braver every day. He’ll sit next to us and play and I’m sure in time he’ll even want a cuddle! Thankyou for helping us find them!”



Poppy – adopted October 2013



“Poppy has settled in really well at her forever home, and is quite sure who’s in charge :)”









Angel – adopted March 2013

image (1) image (2) image (3)





“Please include our precious girl! She is much loved by all the family and we are so glad we found her. Thank you. I call her my little lamb because she follows me everywhere and watches everything I do. I have literally hundreds of photos of her…it was hard to choose which ones to send you. You and the other fosterers do a fantastic job Sheryl……hugs and thanks from us and all those cats and kittens you’ve saved.”

Lily – adopted September 2013

15376_10151879443737505_583922023_n 1235415_10151879443752505_1354249436_n
“Lily is playing a lot. Has lots of energy. She is enjoying her freedom and is more confident. Eating very well!”



Biscuit – adopted September 2013

1209382_10202072597846407_416931879_n 1238757_10201996707629199_567835641_n
“Thank you for Biscuit. He’s doing fine, been eating together with the other cat and this morning they started to play so all good.”




Archie – adopted September 2013

76124_10201402492696274_497983945_n 1234064_10201397915861856_1321966001_n 1382896_10201397916341868_708424860_n







Tia and Bernard – adopted July 2013

photo 4 photo 5

“Just to let you know, both Tia and Bernard are doing really well, both have settled in well and are constantly playing or snuggling up on my lap for a cuddle of an evening. They are really lovely cats, although Tia is still a little nervous of my boyfriend Tom, she is absolutely fine with me!”


Smokey and Malik (now Freddie and Bojangles) – adopted June 2013

“Here we have Bojangles (previously Malik) and Freddie (previously smokey) who we adopted from Lina’s in June 2013. They are best friends and cause lots of mischief together. They seem to have settled in well and we definitely feel as though they are part of our family. We love them loads! Thank you Sheryl, Lindsay and Jeanette for all your help and support x”






Binx – adopted August 2013


“Little Binx only arrived this morning but has already settled so well She’s eaten well and been so playful 🙂 She’s all tired out now and cuddling up to daddy  Thanks for rescuing her – she’s so loving already.”






Cody – adopted January 2013

“Cody seems to be settling in ok, has his moments and when he wants to play boy he wants to play! Bald patch on his leg is healing and is starting to fur over. Bought him a cat gym but the stairs and banisters are much more fun. I’ve attached a couple of pictures of him taking over the sofa.”




Penny – adopted February 2013



“Hi hope you like photo as you can see penny has settled in lovely. She is quite content and so funny with her toys. I love her to bits.”








Ozzy – adopted September 2012

“When Ozzy first came to his new home he was very scared and would only come out when it was quiet but with a little coaxing he started to warm to us. Within a few days Ozzys personality started to shine out he loves nothing more than cuddling up and hiding behind pillows and under covers. In the months we have had Ozzy he has shown more of his mischievous side, he likes to play with my daughters toys and hides in her dressing up box just waiting to pounce on you! He’s a very fun loving cat and has really settled. Instead of being a family of 5 we are now a family of 6. Ozzy is one of the family.”

Oreo – adopted April 2013

“Oreo loves plenty of fuss and will soon let you know if he isn’t getting enough as he will tap your shoulder gently just to remind you. Oreo also has so much kitten in him, he loves to explore as I found out when he jumped into my sons toy box to investigate. His favourite toy is his blue mouse and he spends hours chasing it.”

Blossom – adopted August 2013

“Glad to say she is settling in very well, she’s eating fine but we think she is itching to get out. Next week we are putting a harness on her to give her a walk round the Jarvis estate! We won’t be in too much of a hurry though. She seems to be quite playful and likes to play with the toys we’ve got her.”

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