Adoption process

Viewing a cat/kitten





We hope you have enjoyed looking at the cats and kittens.

If you have seen one that you are interested in and they are 🌟ready to visit🌟please Contact us making sure you leave a contact number. Your details will then be passed on to the relevant foster carer who will be in touch to arrange an appointment.

If he/she is still in assessment then please keep checking back and a date will be announced when they are ready

Kittens cannot be viewed until they are a minimum of 8/9 weeks of age and they have been declared healthy by a vet.

Linas also has a facebook page where you can also keep updated with their progress, see more pictures and have an informal chat with foster carers.

Reserving a cat/kitten,


Once you have arranged a visit and spent some time with them,  you will hopefully like to adopt! We understand that you may need to make more than one visit or view more than one cat to make your choice, or may decide that the cat or kitten is not the right cat for you. A non-refundable deposit of £15 will be needed to reserve your cat. This can either be paid directly to the foster carer on the day or by bank transfer. Reservations cannot be taken without visits. Linas are happy to rehome throughout the UK provided that you are happy to visit the cat twice -once to reserve and the other to collect your cat!

If you live near a busy road then it is a requirement that cats will be kept indoors.

If you live in rented property then you will also need written landlord permission to have the number and type of pets.

As Linas Cat Rescue promotes responsible ownership, it’s a requirement that all existing pets are fully vaccinated (or that the existing pets restart their vaccination) and that this is continued with their new cat, unless their is a risk to the cats heath on veterinary reccomendation.

Once you have reserved your cat then details will be taken for a homecheck to be carried out by a volunteer.

Home checks

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A home checker will be in contact with you to arrange a check. This involves a volunteer coming to your house and having a look at your house and garden, and also completing a set of questions with you. This is to provide reassurance to all that the correct home is found and to hopefully reduce the risk of your chosen cat coming back to rescue. Once the form is completed it is sent to the administration who will then make a decision,  the home checker will not be able to give you a decision on the day, but you will hear back quickly.

Completing the process.

The remainder of the balance will need to be paid before you can arrange to collect your cat.

Kittens will not be able to be collected until they have been neutered, usually at 10 weeks old, but this may be delayed for example if they are not quite big enough. They will also be microchipped and started their vaccinations. They may need to return to the vets for the second part of the vaccination which is included.

Older kittens and cats will have a health check if they have not recently seen the vet and will need to be collected within a week of you paying their adoption fee. We are unable to hold cats as it means that we cannot help others.

All cats and kittens will be neutered, microchipped and vaccinated as well as being up to date with flea and worm treatment. They will also come with 5 weeks pet insurance from Agria.

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