Sponsor a Cat

1If you sponsor one of our cats for £5 per month, you could be buying their flea and worm treatment each month. In return you will get a certificate and a 6×4 photograph of your chosen cat.

If you sponsor one of our cats for £10 per month, over a year this is enough to cover the flea, worm, vaccinations, microchip and neutering of a cat in our care. It could also pay towards some of Logan’s medicines each month, which would be a great help.

The sponsor packs make perfect gifts or presents for loved ones and friends, and we are happy to send the sponsor pack out to the recipients address.  Just ensure you put their details on the paypal form when setting up the subscription.

For information regarding the above, please take a look at our cats and Contact us.



Logan is a 5 year old male who came into the rescue due to his owners moving abroad. Sadly Logan was diagnosed with a heart condition (hole in his heart) not long after and so he is on lifelong medication. He is in long term foster and is not currently available for rehoming. Sponsoring Logan would help pay for his medication costs which do add up.




Sponsorship of a cat does not affect the adoption process in any way, either for that cat or for any other cat. Lina’s Cat Rescue and it’s Administrators shall have sole discretion to disperse Sponsorship funds for the care of the specified cat or any other cat at Lina’s Cat Rescue (care includes, but is not limited to, veterinary expenses, food, supplies, or other expenses). Sponsors will be notified in the event that their sponsored cat is adopted or passes away, and provided with an option to continue the term of their sponsorship with a new cat of their choosing.

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