Annies kittens *ALL RESERVED*


Hi we are Annie Jays kittens and we are now nearly 10 weeks old.

We are lovely friendly little kittens and you can read more about us below!

We have been named and we are called Khaleesi, Dipper and Pickles!




Im one of Annie’s little boys and I’m really rather cute looking just like a little lion cub! I’m friendly and playful







Pickles *RESERVED*



I’m Annie’s other little boy and I’m also very cute especially when I turn my eyes on you looking for attention! I’ve got a little splash of white on my tabby leg that looks like someone’s caught me with a paintbrush. I’m the quietest kitten (at the minute) and like to watch and observe


Khaleesi *RESERVED*


I’m Annie’s little girl and I like to lie in your hands on my back and have my armpits tickled. I stretch and stretch it’s bliss!










We are being fostered near Coalville

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Thank you

Please note we are now ready to visit. Please email the rescue to arrange an appointment with a contact number we can get back to you on  #Adoption process

Annie Jays kittens