I’m Carrie and I’ve had a bit of a hard start to life. I found myself pregnant at an early age and tried my best to bring them up myself before coming into rescue. I must say though I couldn’t wait til they left and found their own homes before I could start to find myself again!

I’m a little shy until I get to know you then I like to be with you all the time.

I have got quite a routine with my foster mum. I come down with her in the morning and wait patiently whilst my breakfast is prepared. When we’ve eaten our breakfasts we go into the lounge where I sit on her knee or next to her and watch a bit of TV. She likes to watch the news and other morning programmes I cant say they’d be my first choice I’d rather watch repeats of Sringwatch or Blue Planet but I’ve not quite mastered the remote control yet to change it to my preference. She said in winter I will be a nice lap warmer.

I have started to play again with string, paper bags and my kickeroo. I LOVE my kickeroo! I carry it round the house making funny (but loud) noises at it and take it to my foster carer. She thinks I’m giving her a present but I also like it as a comfort . Guess what I can take it to my new home with me 😃

At night I like to sleep on my  foster carers bed I didn’t know what I was missing before fluffy pillows and warm duvet what bliss. Though she was somewhat perplexed one night as I went in the laundry basket and bought a dirty tea towel with me as well…However I do snore somewhat so you might need some ear plugs or be ready to poke me in the ribs.

I like my food though my foster carer gives me biscuits in a ball that i have to knock around to get them out of. Fun she says and to make me work to find the biscuits why she cant just put them in a bowl like everyone else I don’t know!

I would ideally like a garden to explore and play in away from any main roads.

I wouldn’t be very good with young children but older children that are used to cats would be fine.

I’m not sure about other cats either , once my kittens were grown up I couldn’t wait for them to leave though maybe a single cat that would keep their distance would be ok with correct introductions

I am being fostered in Little Eaton

I am neutered vaccinated and microchipped as well as being up to date with flea and worm treatment


Please email the rescue to arrange an appointment with a contact number we can get back to you on #Adoption process