Coco Chanel

Hi I’m Coco Chanel and I’ve just arrived in rescue.

Coco Chanel was famous for her little black dress well I could be your little black cat!

I’m very friendly and affectionate and like to sit on your lap. I like to sleep on your bed at night (you might have to check there are no lumps under the duvet before you get in as I like to sneak under the covers). I don’t snore but be warned I might decide your face needs a bit of a wash at about 3am! Once its done though I soon settle down to sleep snuggled round your neck or the top of your head. I also like giving headbonks and kisses.

I would really like an igloo bed as well in my new home they’re so soft and snuggly.

I like to play with my toys I like fishing rod type ones, balls and to scratch on the scratching posts.

I like my food and am good with a tray.

I have been used to going out and would like a nice garden to explore and play in.

I’m a gentle cat and would suit most households but would probably be better with calm children.

I’ve not really met other cats properly so would be unsure about living with another though may be ok with careful introductions with a cat of a similar nature.

I’m being fostered in Spondon, Derby

If you would like to buy me some food please click on the link Donate a dinner

Or to donate towards my care Donate

Thank you

Please note that I’m now ready to visit . Please email the rescue to arrange an appointment with a contact number we can get back to you on  # Adoption process