Hi we are very lucky kittens as we were found all by ourselves in the middle of nowhere and bought back to Derby to find a rescue space. We are very friendly and we have been dumped like rubbish😭

We are very pretty semi long haired kittens (it has been said we might have a bit of Persian in us) who have needed alot of veterinary care as it was found that we have had several infestations including mites, fungal infections and parasites. This has meant that we have been quite poorly and we had to have 2 days on a drip at the vets, several washes in different solutions and lots of tlc. Unfortunately we have run up quite a large bill of nearly £600 with more visits to come so if anyone would be kind enough to make a donation towards our bill it would be very much appreciated #Donate

We now have some nice new names Tuck and Jenna

We are being fostered in Derby

Please note that we have just arrived in rescue and not yet ready to visit and won’t be for some time until we are fit and well. Please keep an eye on our progress but don’t email in about us until we are ready to visit #Adoption process