Gypsies kittens *ALL RESERVED*


Gypsie was a stray that was being cared for by a member of public, when they suspected she was pregnant they sought a rescue space for her. She gave birth to 3 tabby and white babies 2 girls and 1 boy prior to coming into rescue.

Gypsie is being a great mum and her kittens are doing well. They are now developing their own personalities.

Their foster carer says:-

“Bali is a confident chap. He loves greeting people at the door with meows waiting for cuddles. He is a bit of a mummys boy, following Gypsie everywhere and following her lead. Bali adores having his belly rubbed and purrs loudly in appreciation. His favourite toy is a mouse but his current hobby is curtain climbing!

Delilah is a beautiful primadonna! She knows what she wants and how to get it, she likes to climb up high and survey her kingdom. She is quite fluffy and has a loud meow. Her favourite hobby is having a mad dash at 3am where she will empty out the sock drawer and play with hair bands. Delilah likes to cuddle up with her sister Lilie. 

“Lilie is a quiet petite girl who you want to wrap up and protect in cotton wool, in fact Gypsie us quite protective of her. She enjoys playing with balls and hiding in the sock drawer. She has a calm and relaxed persona and likes watching the others antics. Lilie enjoys belly tickles and purrs with pleasure. She enjoys spending time with Delilah and follows her everywhere”

Delilah is a little shy and nervous and it is felt a home with older or no children would be best to help her create a bond with her owner.

They will be neutered, microchipped and vaccinated as well as being up to date with flea and worm treatment

Gypsies kittens are being fostered in West Bridgeford  Nottingham

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Thank you Bali, Delilah and Lilie

Please note that they will be ready to visit from Sunday 16th July. Please email the rescue on or after this date to arrange an appointment. #Adoption process