Hi I’m Morty and as you can see I’m a stripy Tiger!

I have been a stray for a little while with some kind people feeding me whilst trying to find my owners but no one came for me.

I have settled brilliantly in my foster home and have got my feet firmly planted under the table/on the table/on the bed/on the settee/on laps! As you can see I’ve got very big feet to grow into!

I’m a very chatty boy and I love talking to my foster family when they get in from work they can’t get a word in edgeways! Then I like them to sit down and I warm their laps for them as it’s getting cold outside isn’t that kind of me! They then return the favour at night by letting me cuddle up under the duvet next to them.

My favourite pastime when not snoozing/lying on laps is playing……with anything. I have lots of energy and can make a toy out of anything sometimes I just like to chase round the house imagining I’m chasing something. I also like to “answer” the doorbell as soon as it rings it’s the only thing that makes me get off a lap besides food. Talking of food I’ve got a nickname of “Norty Morty” its really not my fault that I like to sample human food it looks and smells so much tastier than mine and foods for sharing right……not that I’ve seen anyone try mine!

I like lots of attention and I’m not phased by living in a busy household with lots of noise or people coming/going so would be good with children though I’m not too keen on other cats.

I’ve overheard my foster parents say a few things about me and my head has swollen (previous foster cats shut your ears)! Apparently I’m the most loving, relaxed foster cat they’ve had and whoever adopts me is going to be lucky to have such an affectionate and funny boy!

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Thank you

Please note I’m now ready to visit ! Please email the rescue to arrange an appointment with a contact number we can get back to you on #Adoption process