Paddington *REHOMED*


Members of the public went to Saint Leonard’s vets in Derby to say that they had been feeding a cat for a little while and that he was limping and needed help. The veterinary nurses went to collect him and he was found to be in a bad way with an extensive and serious collar injury underneath his leg.

He was scanned for a microchip (none detected) his wound was cleaned and painkillers/antibiotics administered and made comfortable for a stay at the vets.

It is a requirement that stray cats have to be advertised for 7 days to give their owners chance to come forward. He was named Paddington by the team at St Leonard’s. No one came for him and we were asked if we could find a space for him. He would require surgery and some intensive treatment which would be expensive. Of course we said yes!

Paddington has had surgery where the wound has been taken back slightly and then stitched together, he has had a drain in place which has has to be cleaned several times a day and has had a weeks stay in “hospital” where he has had some cage rest to allow the wound to start and heal. He has just arrived in his foster home and is settling in. Throughout his ordeal he has been a friendly loving gentle boy who loves fuss and attention.

We are asking if anyone would be kind enough to donate towards his veterinary care which currently stands at £800

Donations can be made by PayPal – or by bank transfer (please contact us for details)

It is also a reminder that if you are going to use a collar please use a quick release type and not an elasticated or buckle type. Please don’t let it happen to your cat