Hi I’m Pepsi and I’ve just come back to rescue due to my owners partner and son being allergic to me.

Some people might say I have a bit of cattitude I prefer the terms full of character or quirky! It might take me a little while to get to know/trust you but will be rewarded with lots of love and purrs. I sometimes use my teeth and claws to let you know how I’m feeling or when I’m playing which is why I’d rather have adult only home or older children who understand that I mean no harm.

I love fuss and attention being stroked and will rub myself all over you. But beware I like rubbing round feet and have have been known to play duvet monster ……….without the duvet!

One of my favourite things is being brushed as soon as I see it I go running to my foster mum after all a girl likes to look her best and it does help keep my fur silky smooth. I also like to sit on knees and will stay there for ages. However I don’t really like my feet being touched in fact it makes me feel quite grumpy and I’m not too keen on being picked up and held either and will let you know my opinion on that!

My foster mum thinks I have some kind of fetish I like to keep her amused by moving her black socks and yellow dusters aroud the house! I do like a few toys to play with the best ones have catnip in!

I have lived as an indoor cat but I have been showing interest in the outside which would have to be in a safe area. Having outdoor access would also help with my claws as I wouldn’t have to have them clipped which I hate.

I have also in the past lived with other cats though have been an only cat for a while. Too many cats are too much for me but I might be ok with one quiet gentle cat. Or I can just have all the attention for myself again which I quite enjoy!

I’m neutered,vaccinated and microchipped as well as being up to date with flea and worm treatment

I’m being fostered in Derby

If you would like to buy me some food please click on the link Donate a dinner

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Thank you

Please note that I’m now ready to visit. Please email the rescue to arrange an appointment with a contact number we can get back to you on #Adoption process