Sabrina & Cleo2

Hi we are Sabrina (torti) and Cleo (grey and white) and we were found wandering around a garden in Derby with our 2 brothers when we were only 4 weeks old, too young to leave mummy but no sign of her. We had to have a bit of a clean and spruce up as we had lots of “visitors” on us but we are now starting to feel much happier.

We have been enjoying ourselves very much in our foster home and have met other cats and children with no problems



Hi I’m Cleo2 and I’m a bright and lively little kitten who likes to play with balls. I also like to amuse myself by hanging onto the bottom of your cardis or if you have a blanket wrapped around you as you walk along. My foster mum says I’ll grow out of it but it’s just too much fun at the minute!





Hi I’m Sabrina and I’m a little bit quieter than my sister. I love to snuggle up round your neck – you might have seen a video of me on the Facebook page!


We are being fostered in Burton on Trent

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Thank you

Please note we are not yet ready to visit, please keep an eye on our progress but don’t email in about us until we are ready to visit # Adoption process