Shelbys kittens


Shelby arrived in rescue as a pregnant stray who was lucky to find a member of public to look after her until a space was found.

Shelby has given birth to 4 babies who are predominantly black in colour just with small patches of white. Now they are older they are starting to show their characters.

Their foster carer says:-

“Boris has a large white patch on his belly. He was the first to start eating solid food and quickly put on weight, he really enjoys his food and will ask for lots! He is very photogenic and loves the attention of being photographed. He likes to fall asleep with his sister Meghan on your lap. He loves playing with a feathered wand but will play with anything that moves.

Meghan is a little all black lady. She is very much like her mum and has started copying her covering up her food! She’s quite petite in comparison to her siblings but it doesn’t put her off trying to tackle Boris every few minutes! Her favourite toy is a fluffy pink hedgehog which gets pounced on regularly. She is also a fan of feathery and fluffy toys.

Twilight has a few flecks of white on his belly. He is best friends with Saylem and they do everything together – play, sleep and just generally be together. He loves to climb and can scale a double sized cat tree at lightening speed. However he seems to have got over the phase of curtain climbing after he had to be rescued from 5 feet up!

Salem has a little white on her neck and flecks of white on her belly. She is a bit of a mummys girl and at first called loudly whenever she was picked up, but she has decided she quite likes human cuddles now! She loves to run around causing trouble with her brother Twilight, before they fall asleep together. This week she has tried having a brush and  this generated a sweet little purr.

All the kittens are being taught to play without using human hands to bite and scratch. They are all enjoying a bit of a brush”

Shelbys kittens are being  fostered in Nottingham.

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Thank you Shelbys kittens

Please note the kittens are not quite ready to visit/reserve. Please keep an eye on their progress, a date will be announced when they are ready, please don’t email before this date. Thank you for your understanding #Adoption process 

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