Shelby came into rescue as a heavily pregnant stray after a member of public found her but was unsuccessful at finding her owners.

She gave birth to 4 kittens who she’s bought up well and is now showing her own character.

Her foster carer says:-

“Shelby is a lovely little cat and we call her Shelley baby with affection. In the day she enjoys having snuggles, she likes lying on your chest (especially if you have the laptop on) or being picked up and rocked like a baby, purrs are guaranteed. Evenings are playtime and play she does! Shelby can do some serious gymnastic moves she can back flip and somersault – but shes still working on cartwheels. She is a big fan of feathered toys, move a feathered toy at high speed and see how fast she is! She doesn’t do slow play!

Shelby loves to be pampered, she really enjoys being brushed and will sit next to you when you brush your hair waiting for her turn. If you are looking for a cat to dote on then she’s perfect for you.

Ssawhe likes a mixture of wet and dry food – but it has to be fresh. If you leave out too much wet food for her to eat she will try to cover it up. Shelby has made us laugh with these antics as she has used everything from tissues to cat toys.”

Shelby has been a stray and is therefore used to having outdoor access.

She has been in foster with resident cats but it is not sure how she would be with another cat at this moment in time as she has been very protective towards her kittens.

Shelby occasionally tries to nip but again this may be due to protectiveness so older children would be preferred.

Shelby will be neutered,microchipped and vaccinated as well as being up to date with flea and worm treatment.

She is being fostered in Nottingham.

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Thank you Shelby.

Please note Shelby is not quite ready to visit. A date will be announced when she is please don’t email the rescue prior to the date given.