Tammie has arrived in rescue as she was taken to the vets to be euthanized as she was no longer wanted by her owner. Fortunately the vets nor linas cat rescue could let this happen and so after a couple of nights bed and breakfast she was neutered, microchipped and started her vaccinations before heading off to her foster carer.

Her foster carer says:-

“On first arrival Tammie was understandably a little confused by her change in circumstances but once settled she is a confident and energetic young lady. She loves my daughter of 13 (more so than me) and enjoys playing with her. Her favourite toy is a fishing rod with a feather on the end. (Tammie says this is the best toy in the whole world and my foster mummy says I can take it with me to my new home – yipee, though apparently you can buy them all over the place should I “kill” it). Tammie likes to be stroked and can be quite vocal when doing it, she also likes to give head bumps but is not keen on tummy rubs. Her favourite food is Felix as good as it looks and a few biscuits, she is very good at using her tray. She is a gentle older kitten but does sometimes like to chew fingers softly and lovingly. She would make a lovely addition to your home”

Tammie has met resident cats in her foster home and is curious and not scared so it is felt she would be good with other cats.

She hasn’t shown any interest in the outside world while in foster and as young should adapt to indoor life.

She is being fostered in Burton on Trent

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Thank you Tammie

Tammie is now ready to visit/reserve. Please email the rescue to make an appointment.  #Adoption process