Tracey has come into rescue as a stray who gave birth to four kittens in a cardboard box in a member of publics garden.

Although she was unsure initially of what to do she quickly learnt and has been a loving and attentive mum.

Her foster carer says:-

“Now that her kittens are becoming more independent she is really coming out of her shell and back to discovering herself. She is affectionate and talkative greeting you with chirrups when you come in the house. Tracey likes her chin tickling and would probably secretly like to be a lap cat but is being kept busy with the “kids”, who although she is getting more independent from them she likes to tell off when they step out of line!”

Tracey has been in foster with resident cats and is easy going and comfortable in their presence.

Tracey has also been in foster with an older child (teenager) who she is fine with but has not been tested with younger children. She is a confident cat which would indicate she would be fine but can’t be guaranteed.

She has also been a stray so had outdoor access and although she has not shown any interest in the outdoors whilst in foster (this may be because she has kittens) it is not known if she would be settled as an indoor cat permanently, though as only a youngster may adjust.

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Thank you Tracey

Tracey is being fostered in Swadlincote area.

Tracey is now ready to visit. Please email the rescue to arrange an appointment to meet her. #Adoption process