Hi I’m Walt and I’ve just arrived in rescue after being found outside and taken to the vets. My owner wasn’t found so I’ve come to Linas to find a new home.

I have been at my foster home for a little while as one morning I got up and found that I was all funny with my walking, I just couldn’t stand up properly and kept falling over. I was quickly taken to the vets where they found I had something called toxoplasmosis, which is quite common for cats to be exposed to but can affect us youngsters under a year old. I have been treated for this with antibiotics and tlc and I’ve now been given the all clear from the vets to go up for adoption.

Talking of walking though it was noticed when I came into rescue that I have a bit of an odd gait I stick one of my back legs out a bit. I have had it examined, prodded and poked by the vets and it doesn’t hurt or cause me any issues and they’ve called it delayed reaction. As I grow bigger it might improve or I might always be the same but it doesn’t stop me one bit.

I’m a bright, lively, playful and confident older kitten. My favourite activity is playing, playing and more playing…..with anything! I like dangly toys, balls, mice and toys that I find myself spiders and flies! I like to climb the cat tree and watch everything that’s going off, it also gives a good vantage point to pounce on one of my unsuspecting housemates!

I do like a fuss (although everything else is more interesting at the moment) and will fall asleep in your arms purring away

I’m in foster care with resident cats and have not been phased by them and have been keen to play with them, in fact a little too much for some of them. Therefore if I’m to have a new friend then they must be willing to play quite hard and boisterously.

I have lots of energy to burn off so I would like a nice garden away from any busy roads

I’m neutered microchipped and vaccinated as well as being up to date with flea and worm treatment .

I’m being fostered in Burton on Trent


Please email the rescue linascatrescue@gmail.com to arrange an appointment with a contact number we can get back to you on #Adoption process