Updated adoption process Oct 2022





We are always looking for new fosterers so that we can help more cats and kittens. Anyone can apply to be a foster carer after which a volunteer will come round and give a quick homecheck and chat about what is involved, the pros and cons etc. Hopefully you will still want to help and we can find a cat that is suitable. Several of our volunteers have just started by trying out with providing holiday or emergency cover. We are looking for people in all situations with or without children or other pets who will treat the cat as part of the family, vet bills are covered by rescue all you have to provide is love, food and cat litter. It is a requirement that all cats in foster are kept indoors throughout their stay.  If you are interested please email in to the rescue, look at the fostering page on this website or join the facebook page and have a look at what the fosterers do.




Please be aware that these plants – common at Christmas and often given as presents or part of a flower display – are toxic to cats and can be fatal.


Please be vigilant, if you suspect antifreeze poisoning it’s an emergency seek veterinary advice straight away.



Some tips shared from the cats protection to help keep your cats safe and calm during the firework season .2016-10-31-11-17-09


There have been many cats reunited, sometimes after a long period of time missing, due to having a microchip. However please remember if any details change to update with the chip company or a reunion may not be able to take place.


Summer safety

Now that summer is here (hopefully) there are a few things that can be done to keep your cat safe, healthy and comfortable.

White and pale cats are vulnerable to sunburn, particularly on ears and noses, where hair is sparse. Just like with humans this can lead to skin cancer which may require surgery. It’s best to try and keep cats indoors when the sun is strongest particularly for cats that like sunbathing! Also use sunblock on vulnerable areas you can buy special animal products of use a non toxic human sunblock.

It is important for your cat to be hydrated so make sure there is access to a fresh bowl at all times, it’s also a good idea to keep one outside.

Cats can get warm quite quickly and you might find them seeking out cooler places to lie such as the hearth or tiled floor. Some cats also like to lie in front of a fan. Please look out for signs of overheating such as lethargy and panting, encourage your cat to go somewhere cooler and have a drink. If you think they are suffering from heatstroke -collapse, lethargy and dribbling you can also help them to cool by damping their fur with cool not cold water and seek veterinary advice. Outside provide areas cats can find shade such as under large leafy plants, bushes or man made structures.

If you like to have your windows open then a curious cat may find this irresistible and you may need to use window restrainers or a screen to prevent an indoor cat escaping or falls from heights.

It is easy for a cat go wander into a shed, garage or greenhouse and get accidently shut in, if your cat goes missing check these first (and your neighbours) as it can have dire consequences.

Please remember alot of plants, especially lilies are toxic to cats.  Signs of plant poisoning are difficulty breathing, drooling, vomiting, diarrhoea, excessive drinking, staggering and possibly changes to heart rate. Urgent veterinary care will be needed.