Rehome Your Cat

If you have a cat that you need to rehome, please Contact us . You will be contacted for further details, and placed on the waiting list.

If you live in rented accommodation or are moving to rented accommodation and you need help with pets and landlord agreements Advocats East Midlands can offer help and advice

We do have a long waiting list and it is priority-based. Broadly-speaking, a cat has higher priority if:

  • They are living outdoors (i.e stray)

In addition, a cat is considered an emergency if:

  • They are living outside and are pregnant or under 6 months old
  • They are injured and in need of veterinary assistance.

We do not charge anything for rehoming, but we do ask that you donate what you can afford towards their care. We occasionally have to close to new cats when we haven’t got the funds, and donating will help us to take your cats in sooner.

When a suitable home has been found for your cats, you will be contacted and offered a space. Please respond promptly, as timewasters will be removed from the waiting list and will have to be re-added if the space is still required.

If you rehome your cat somewhere else before we can offer you a space, please let us know so that you can be removed from the waiting list and somebody else can take your space.


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