Our work and ethics

Lina’s Cat Rescue was founded in August 2012. We are a small, close knit charity which runs entirely on volunteers.

Our aims (as written in our charity constitution) are:
–       To prevent and relieve the suffering and distress of cats;
–       To advance the welfare of cats through education, information and advice available to the general public;
–       To house all cats in rescue care in volunteer family foster homes unless it would be unreasonable to do so;
–       To promote and encourage the neutering of all healthy, able bodied cats once they come of age.

We have a strict non-kill policy. We never have and never will put a healthy cat to sleep. In the event of injured/ill cats we will exhaust all medical options and gain the opinion of a veterinary surgeon before considering euthanasia. Costs do not factor into our decision and it will be purely based on the cats quality of life and well being. In the event of terminally ill cats, their foster space becomes more like a hospice space and the cat will live as long as they comfortably can and will not be put up for re-homing. We are happy to accept and re-home FIV+ cats as well as disabled cats (for example blind, deaf, epileptic, etc).

We work together and are happy to co-operate with other animal charities and regularly do.

All our cats are homed in family foster homes. We believe cats are better assessed in a home environment and enjoy a more enriching life whilst in rescue care.

Toby, re-homed at 10 weeks old.

Toby, re-homed at 10 weeks old.

We have no secrets and have nothing to hide. We are proud of the care our cats get whilst in foster and visits to any of our cats in their foster home are welcomed by appointment. The only cats we do not allow to be visited are those who are contagious to other animals or humans for obvious reasons, or very young kittens who could be prone to infection brought in by people.

We are also very proud of our stringent home checks- we only let our cats go to the best homes.

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