Lina’s Cat Rescue receives no government funding and are purely reliant on public donations. All our staff (including the founder) are volunteers and recieve no wage or salary for their work. Everything that is donated goes towards the cats in our care.

There are many ways to donate to us and it doesn’t always have to be cash...


Donate Button with Credit Cards

Donations can be made by clicking on the image above, or by going to the Paypal page and using the email address . You don’t have to have a Paypal account! You can also donate using your debit card through our GoFundMe page.

In most cases if you are interested in knowing, we can even let you know exactly what your cash would be spent on if you were to donate at that point in time.

  • £2 will pay for one cat to be wormed
  • £5 will pay for one cat to be microchipped.
  • £6 will pay for 2 cats to be wormed for 6 months
  • £10 will pay for 4 cats to be treated for fleas
  • £15 will pay for an annual vaccination
  • £27 will pay for a male cat to be castrated
  • £30 will pay for a kitten to be vaccinated
  • £35 will pay for a female cat to be spayed

You could also set up a standing order via Paypal. £5.00 per month would help more than most people realise- it would pay for one adult cat to be microchipped and then flead, wormed and vaccinated for a whole year!


We have an Amazon Wish List which you can use to buy something for the cats and it will be sent directly to us. We always post a thank you on our Facebook page.

A donation of food from a member of the public

A donation of food from a member of the public


Perhaps you are thinking of raising some money for charity. If so, please consider us. Again, we could tell you exactly what the money will be used for and we are happy to help with promotion of your event and could also arrange to have a stall at your event to promote our cats that are currently up for adoption.


All our fantastic foster carers are volunteers and also provide food and litter for their foster cats out of their own pocket.

You could donate a bag of food, a couple of tins, half a bag of cat litter, a cat bed that your cat does not use, or whatever you like and it would go straight to our foster carers.

If you have anything you would like to donate, please get in touch with us with your postcode and what you would like to donate. We will then provide you with the address of the nearest foster carer. Depending on area we may also be able to collect ourselves.

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