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Diary of a Fosterer

For those of you who aren’t sure whether or not to foster, read this ‘Diary of a Fosterer’, which has been written by one of our new foster-carers this year.

15th November
We picked our foster cat up today! He cried for the whole car journey, and disappeared as soon as I let him out. I don’t know where he hid, but within the hour he was nervously exploring- he found me waiting with a bag of treats! He’s found his litter tray and is already using it- yay! He seems to be eating well and I get the feeling he won’t let me forget when it’s mealtime!

16th November
He’s already settling in, sleeping on my lap or right next to me. He lets me pick him up too! He doesn’t seem interested in playing though, and he still jumps if somebody walks past the road outside, or if the door opens! He’s got several hidey-holes that he goes to, but he’s spending more time out of them than in them!

24th November
Caesar had to go for his second lot of vaccinations today. He didn’t want to go in his carrier and cried the whole way to the vets. The vet reckons he’s healthy though, and he didn’t even notice his vaccinations being done! I asked about his teeth as he seems to be drooling a bit, but the vet said they’re fine! I also had to flea treat him when we got home, but that was easy enough!

26th November
He had a very busy day today, as somebody came to view him for adoption. I picked him up and explained that he’s very gentle, but he’s such a big boy I think they were put off. I boiled him up a little pheasant and he devoured it, and he’s now showing how much he loves me by sitting on my feet!

10th December
I’ve been doing a lot of wrapping on the floor and Caesar seems to love it! He’s started playing with the ribbon or climbing into my lap when I’m cross-legged! He provides us with so much entertainment, especially as he’s started ‘hunting’- watching him pounce on his toys and wrestle with them makes us so happy!

18th December
We’re going away for Christmas, so Lina’s have organised somebody else to have him whilst we’re away. She came over to collect him this afternoon. He didn’t want to leave, but I’m sure he’s going to have an amazing Christmas and be spoilt rotten! We miss him already though- it’s going to be hard to give him up when somebody adopts him, but at least we’ll have another incoming cat and we get to help more!

28th December
We picked Caesar up from his Christmas foster home. He’s had a lovely time and has been very well looked after- he didn’t want to leave! He’s home now and back to lying on the sofa- that didn’t take long! He had to have his flea treatment as well, which he didn’t enjoy- I’m now not the favourite parent!

20th January
Caesar had another visit today, and this time he got lucky and was reserved! I’m so proud of him but really sad that he’ll be leaving us soon. His new owner seems lovely though, so I’m sure he’ll be happy!

30th January
Caesar’s new mum has passed her home visit. Now all that’s left to do is to organise his vet check and collection. I’ve come around to the idea that he’s leaving now- I’m looking forward to seeing who my next ward will be!


2014 Figures Show Excellent Progress

Lina’s end-of-year figures have now been released, and they show just how much hard work has been done by everybody in 2014. Here is a statement from the director, Sheryl Leonardi.

313 cats and kittens successfully adopted.
57 cats neutered through our new neutering scheme which only started in September.

Annual income £26,845
£21,111 spent on vet bills which includes just under £1,500 on the neutering scheme.
Remaining spent on flea/worm treatment, food and various other things such as advertising, equipment, etc.

We never have over £600 in the bank which I make sure we always have for emergencies, our income is spent almost as soon as it comes in.

It’s amazing to think that such a small charity, which works entirely through volunteers, has rehomed 313 cats this year! These cats have been rescued from the street, from ‘free to a good home’ ads and as private rehomes from owners that can no longer keep them.

Our new neutering scheme was only begun in September, and enables anybody to get free neutering, regardless of whether they are on benefits or with a low income. This is unique among local neutering schemes, and all we ask in return is as much as you can afford to give towards it. And since September, this scheme has contributed to the neutering of nearly 60 cats- thats one every two days for the time it has been running!

We would like to thank all of our fosterers, fundraisers, volunteers and friends for all of their support, and to remind you how you can support us in 2015.

Fostering: We are always looking for new fosterers as we work entirely through foster homes. Please see the ‘Foster For Us’ page for more information.

Donating: We are always extremely grateful for any donations you can give.
Money can be donated through:

  • Paypal by using the email address linascatrescue@gmail.com
  • Giving cash to any fosterer
  • By BACS to Miss S Leonardi, Santander, Account no 88092680 Sort code 09-01-26
  • By phone St Leonard’s Vets, who will be able to take card payments directly onto our account.

We also love donations of food or equipment, which are shared between fosterers as fairly as possible. Please contact us to arrange pick up or delivery. You can also buy us something from our Amazon wishlist, which is available here.

We also take donations of unwanted gifts, toys or bric-a-brac which we sell at various events to raise money for Lina’s. Please contact us to arrange this. Of course, attending our table-top sales and buying from us is great too!


Join our Facebook group (here) to show your support and join our community of cat lovers. We post regular updates about all our cats and offer advice to struggling cat owners.

As always, thank you for your support for 2014, and we look forward to working with you all in 2015!